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Auction is the way forward when playing Monopoly…

Posted by Tim

After landing on a property, if a player refuses to buy it, the correct way is to offer it for sale by auction.

Monopoly has been frustrating players since 1935 due to its drawn-out gameplay – following the proper rules can be a game-changer, saving time by offering a speedy conclusion, thus maintaining that element of excitement.

The original rules for Monopoly, if followed correctly, can prevent many a family row and shorten the often-lengthy game time. A rarely practised and ‘hidden’ rule vent viral on the social networking site Twitter after a games blogger promoted a mission to teach the world how to play the game properly.

The true rules of Monopoly dictate that if a player lands on a space such as Mayfair but doesn’t wish to continue with the purchase, an auction must ensue. Creating competitive bidding pushes a different player to buy a space, thus speeding up the game.

Skipping this little-known rule means it could be potentially hours before someone else lands on Mayfair
again to buy it.

The world record for the longest Monopoly game in history lasted for 1,680 hours, that’s 70 straight days.