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Need things to move along a little quicker?

Can’t wait and need to sell immediately?

An auction will maximise your asset.….. it’s only a few weeks between auctions.

However, if you need an immediate sale, we can help.We appreciate that there are some instances where a seller can’t wait for the next auction. Upon discussion, we will provide a solution. Without cost or obligation, we will discuss various options for different circumstances, from a straightforward cash purchase with immediate completion and all legal fees paid, to underwriting sale prices, thus guaranteeing funds within a set timeframe.
This unique service is only available through our vast database of buyers and investors, enabling us to match the right buyer to the right seller.Please complete and submit the form below and include as much information as possible.

Alternatively, telephone us on 01473 210200 and ask to speak directly with Luke or Tim.


Immediate decisions
and offers within 24 hours


Registered buyers looking
to purchase properties and


Completion within
7 days (if required)

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Unlike a conventional estate agent, we use the same tools as a mortgage lender/building society in formulating an honest & accurate appraisal of your Property.

For your free, no-obligation appraisal, complete our form.

We use the following tools:

Government Land Registry data
EIG database
RightmovePLUS access
Historical sold prices
Established in-house database
PROmap V2 mapping system for accurate site measurements
Extensive Local Knowledge

You will be provided with:

A recommended OFFER Price for your Property within 24 hours.

A realistic, honest and unbiased current valuation of your asset.

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